"I write to thank you for the very good living conditions that my friends and I enjoyed everyday,all the toilets and cook house are very clean.The security officers are always very helpful and guide us, they don't shout at us like other dormitory."
Rathinam Prabhakaran, Resident of Kranji Lodge 1
Pesko Engineering Pte Ltd.

"I am very appreciated for all the staff of Kranji Lodge for being generous and kind, and also for the clean surrounding. Hoping this service will last long and more power to all the staff. Thank you and peace be with you all."
Archie M. Venfzuela, Resident of Kranji Lodge 1
Yang Seng Engineering Pte Ltd

"Thanks for the new place like this dormitory, nice place! Start from the morning the place is clean all officer are friendly. Thanks a lot!"
Danilo Rivera Tuliao Junior, Resident of Kranji Lodge 1
Yang Seng Engineering Pte Ltd

"I feeling your hostel in compared in my house very nice because water facilities and toilet available.I am sitting in the garden with peacefully my mind,garden maintenance good.Always enjoy and entertainment.I like your Murai."
Thiyagarajan Eyalarasan, Resident of Murai Lodge 2
Hai Leck Engineering Pte Ltd

"在Murai Lodge 2,住已经有3年了。感觉这儿的环境很不错,很好。环境也挺好,干净,整洁,安全方面很好。办公室人员素质很高,我们工人有什么问题会给我们及时解决。室内我们没少过钱物。有时候有活动,还要求我们参加,我们的工人在这里感觉都得到了自身安全和人路上的尊重。我们非常满意。"
Zhang Cheng Dong, Manager
China Heping Construction Group(Far East) Pte Ltd

吴朝贤,Resident of Simpang Lodge 1
Lee Welded Mesh Singapore Pte Ltd

"I am coming from Thailand I stay here from past 4 year.I like this place very much.Here the place very clean and neat very peaceful.I also like the laundry service here,they wash our cloth clean.I like to stay here as long as I stay in Singapore."
Srisaard Suriya, Resident of Soon Lee Lodge
JEL Maintenance Pte Ltd

"I attended Forward Project Training Programme.This training useful for me and my friends learning.We learn how we keep money,jewels etc.I appreciate that Vobis in conducting such program for our company's workers to attend."
Balasubramanian Radhakrishnan, Resident of Cochrane Lodge 1
VSL Singapore Pte Ltd

"For the past few years we have been working with Aik Chuan Construction (Dormitory). All these years it’s been a pleasant experience for our workers staying at your dormitory. We appreciate your cooperation and understand on many matters."
Mano, Camp boss
Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd

"You will be delighted to know that we are absolutely satisfied with the excellent administrations and fantastic living conditions enjoyed by our workers.We are encouraged and motivated by the high standards of professionalism manifested by your staff"
Freddy Low (BBA, MBA, FSBP), Business Development Manager
Pesko Engineering Pte Ltd.

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