Facilities & Services

Our dormitory rooms are spacious, measuring up to 48 sqm and can comfortably house up to 12 people each. Regular maintenance by our professional staff also ensures a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our dormitory are well-equipped with cooking facilities, ample toilet and shower facilities are provided on each floor to amply meet the needs of all residents.

We also worked with various external companies like Accredited Training Providers (ATP) to provide workers courses within dormitory, DBS Bank to install ATM machine within our dormitory and transport companies to coordinate buses for our customers.

“I am coming from Thailand I stay here from past 4 year.I like this place very much.Here the place very clean and neat very peaceful.I also like the laundry service here,they wash our cloth clean.I like to stay here as long as I stay in Singapore.”

Srisaard Suriya, Resident of Soon Lee Lodge
JEL Maintenance Pte Ltd

“Really like upkeep on dormitory facilities. BCSS course,no need to go to other school,it’s much convenient to take the course in dormitory.Laundry good,no need to wash by ourselves.MOM roadshow give us information about rights of workers. Good.”

Noli G. Dimarucut, Resident of Murai Lodge 2
Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co Limited

spacious-airy-roomSpacious Rooms
Our dormitory rooms are spacious, measuring up to 48 sqm and can comfortably house up to 12 people each.


Cooking is allowed in the common cooking area that is provided. Workers will get to enjoy their home-cooked  food in a foreign land.


Gym is available at every dormitory to ensure that our residents are provided with the facilities to help them keep fit and healthy during their stay with us.

tv-room-2TV Room
Ample air-conditioned TV rooms are provided to allow workers to enjoy their recreation time in a comfortable and convenient location.

internet-serviceGames room and Internet Room
For residents who have spare time after work, they can play board games at  our dormitory. We also have an internet room where residents can use to webcam with their families back at home.

gamesOutdoor Recreation Area
Understanding that some of our residents do enjoy outdoor sports, we have outdoor recreation area so that they can have some fun under the sun.

Shower and Toilet facilities
Our dormitories are built to adhere to the requirements set by the authorities. The worker-facilities ratio are well capable of meeting the needs of the residents even during peak timings.

Accredited Training Provider(ATP) within dormitories

Understanding the logistical problems encountered by the employers sending their workers for the safety courses, we have arranged with an ATP to provide workers courses at the convenience of the dormitory itself!

DBS ATM machines at dormitories

To further enhance the amenities and facilities within our dormitories, we worked with DBS Bank to install DBS ATM machines within some of our dormitory so that workers do not need to carry large amounts of cash around since they can easily withdraw money at their stay of residence.

Bus transport

To facilitate workers travelling efficiently from dormitory to work site, we coordinate with professional bus providers to provide transport services to our residents at a privilege price.

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