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Vast experience in dormitory management

Vobis is established in 2005 to specialise in the management of workers' dormitory. Our humble beginnings of dormitory management start to take grounds in 2005 with the construction of our first purpose-built dormitory- Soon Lee Lodge.


Within the next 5 years, Vobis grew by leaps and bounds as our Chairman made the swift decision to grow our dormitory operations. By 2013, Vobis manages a total of 7 dormitories, providing accommodation 32,000 workers. 

Our Projects


Kaki Bukit Recreation Center (KBRC)

Current status: In Operation

Kaki Bukit Recreation Center is not a dormitory. 

With our vast experience in dormitory management, we were tasked to build a recreation centre to provide a social area for foreign workers in Kaki Bukit neighbourhood.

KBRC have seen grown to be a popular shopping spot for foreign workers in the vicinity.


Soon Lee Lodge

Current status: Demolished

Nestled in the Jurong district, Soon Lee Lodge is home to foreign workers working on Jurong Island, westcoast highway and also those working in town due to its proximity to the major expressway. The first of Vobis purpose-built dormitory, the success of Soon Lee Lodge encouraged us to pursue further in this dormitory industry.

MURAI LODGE 2 - 2012.jpg

Murai Lodge 2

Current status: Demolished

Murai Lodge 2 is located in a quiet and quaint location. Residents can relax after a day of work away from the bustling city life and enjoy a laidback lifestyle at Murai Lodge 2. You can often hear the gentle chirping of crickets and birds at night and at the break of dawn. 


Simpang Lodge 1

Current status: Demolished

Simpang Lodge 1 is located at a convenient location in the Yishun town and is one of the top choice homes for employers for many years A recreation centre was built in recent years to provide further convenience and residents enjoyed their stay at Simpang Lodge 1 for numerous years before the premises need to be vacated in 2019 for further redevelopment. 


SCAL Mandai Dormitory

Current status: Demolished

SCAL Mandai Dormitory is a small dormitory located on Mandai Road. Due to the hilly landscape of the location, the dormitory is built in a stepped-up manner which provided natural ventilation to the rooms, much to the delight of our residents. 


Why Vobis

What does Vobis have that makes residents stay on with the dormitory for years and years to come?

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