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About Vobis

Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd, a majority owned subsidiary of Aik Chuan Construction Pte Ltd, is dedicated to provide high-quality accommodation for foreign workers and part of Aik Chuan Group of companies. 


Vobis is the only dormitory management company in Singapore to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 180001 certifications. Vobis is also awarded the prestigious International Star Award for Quality in Geneva, showing our confidence and commitment in dormitory management. All dormitories managed by Vobis are licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and also adhere to the strict guidelines and legislation set forth by the Authorities.


With lush greenery and extensive landscape all around the dormitory, it is easy to see why Vobis dormitory is often mistaken to be a hotel or resort. Vobis dormitory is the only Resort-styled dormitory in Singapore. Singapore is a garden city, and garden living should be for everyone. Have foreign workers?


Have them stay at Vobis Dormitory since it is easy to see that Vobis is “Your #1 Choice Home for Foreign Workers!”

Our Vision 

VOBIS’ Vision is to lead the way with quality housing solutions for foreign workers, providing foreign workers with safe, comfortable, modern housing at affordable rates.

Our Mission

VOBIS’ Corporate Mission defines the company’s dynamic approach to business, nurtured on a firm foundation of professional strength and commitment, vital to service excellence.

Our Core Values

We treat all employees with utmost respect and dignity while providing constant training and upgrading of skills coupled with a safe conducive working environment.

Uniqueness of VOBIS 

We are the only resort-styled dormitory in Singapore. Our lush landscape and vast species of flowers and plants often caused our dormitory to be mistaken as resorts rather than foreign worker dormitory. We understand why it is easy to confuse our dormitory with a resort. Come visit us to see why. 


Aik Chuan Group Pte Ltd is spearheaded by Dato' Sri Lim Yew Ming Ken PBM, Managing Director of Aik Chuan Construction Pte Ltd, Chairman of Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd and also Director for the other subsidiaries.


The business and subsidiaries under Aik Chuan Construction Pte Ltd grew beyond just construction and dormitory industry.

In 2017, Aik Chuan Group Pte Ltd was incorporated to better represent our company vision and to illustrate the diversified nature of our many businesses.


Established in 1982, Aik Chuan Construction Pte Ltd started off as a small general subcontractor undertaking small scale construction work. Over the years, the business grew and the company began undertaking sizable projects, acted in the main contractor's role.​

With the good foresight & excellent strategically future expansion plans into the dormitory management industry, the company begins growing steadily & expanding fast into many other industries.

Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd

Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd is established in 2015.  Vobis is more than just a pioneer in the dormitory market, Vobis is also the first subsidiary of Aik Chuan Construction Pte Ltd.

The steady growth achieved by Vobis laid a firm foundation for the expansion and creation of our other subsidiaries within Aik Chuan Group. Through the years and with each new expansion of business, Vobis remained the pillar of growth and driving force behind Aik Chuan group of companies. 

Subsidiaries of Aik Chuan Group:

Aik Chuan Yacht Charters Pte Ltd

SG Yacht is Singapore’s premier luxury yacht charter and boat rental service which provides excellent yachting experience at affordable prices. Our fleet of luxurious yachts will depart from Marina Keppel Bay which is one of the most prestigious marinas in Singapore. We will sail away from the hustle and bustle of the city life to your favourite overseas destination or Singapore coastal waters and seas of your liking.

AC Yacht.png

AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd

With the belief that music is the soul of a society, transcending age, language, gender and culture, this subsidiary aim to invigorate the local music scene by bringing renowned international artistes to our shores. AC Music has also acquired EQ Music & Media Pte Ltd, as well as established AC Music Entertainment Sdn Bhd to extend its reach overseas. Recognising that raw talents need to be discovered and nurtured, ACME Academy Pte Ltd was set up to groom potential talents into the stars of tomorrow.

EQ Music.png

EQ Music & Media Pte Ltd

EQ Music started out in 2000 as a small independent record label with a dedicated team of music lovers. Their goal was to commercially cover certain genres of music that were surprisingly overlooked by the major labels (at that time)... a consumer market void. By releasing CDs that capitalized on these niche musical genres, EQ Music successfully breathed life into a dormant retail interest with innovative conceptualising and artwork in all their releases.


Through the years, by forging strong licensing relationships with many global music partners, and supplying quality products that music lovers wanted, EQ Music quickly established itself as the leading indie label in Singapore and Malaysia.

ACME Academy.png

ACME Academy Pte Ltd

P.A.T.H. (Professional Artiste Training Headquarters) ACME ACADEMY, a subsidiary of AC Music Entertainment is established to cater to the needs of emerging local talents in Singapore & the region. 


P.A.T.H mission is to provide an all-round professional artiste training with a comprehensive platform to nurture the next generation of confident, creative & outstanding local artistes.


We aim to become the leading Artiste Training Academy in Singapore & in the region.

primary logo - vertical-01.png

Aik Chuan Resort Pte Ltd

The company has acquired a beautiful beachfront resort off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and aims to bring a new facet to the regional hospitality industry through our dedicated eco-friendly management.

Enjoy the incredible scenic beauty and tranquility of the most untouched paradise in Malaysia


ONE V Pte Ltd

ONEV stands for Organic Natural Extract Vinegar. ​After years of research, OneV has successfully launched a series of organic products ranging from home care, pet care, plant care and health care, gathering a steady stream of loyal customers who enjoy the benefits of using safe and organic products in their home.

Tashi Media-01.png

Tashi Media Pte Ltd

Founded in April 2017, Tashi Media is a social entertainment and lifestyle business designed to meet the needs of the ever-changing social media world to extend your content, offers and reach into the social ecosystem and embed your brand in the places where consumers socialize and share.



Social media marketing has become more pivotal in the last few years, and we are providing unique and informative content to all the clients' needs. Tashi Media involves properly leveraging different hand-selected social platforms for your business to connect and communicate with customers.


AC Global Energy Pte Ltd

The core business of AC Global Energy Pte Ltd is to develop and operate large-scale renewable diesel projects in USA. The company’s first project is to build a “Waste to Green Diesel” plant and be a cost-competitive producer of petroleum-grade diesel. Its operational efficiency will be at the forefront of the biomass industry standards, and further development will be undertaken to maintain this lead.


AC eShopping Pte Ltd

GoGo Mall is a revolutionary e-commerce marketplace that believes in the philosophy of Shoppertainment. Capitalising on the power of social media, GoGo Mall works closely with influencers and uses video content to entertain, inform, and engage shoppers.


Aik Chuan Restaurants Pte Ltd

Shu Yan is a well-known Sichuan Chinese restaurant, established in Chengdu in December 2004. Mainly specialize in Sichuan cuisine. It is based on Sichuan cuisine, creating a whole new level of contemporary Sichuan Fusion Cuisine. The interpretation of every taste from a very light to extremely dry Sichuan cuisine, but also absorbing the best of all, drawing on the essence of Huaiyang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, etc, intensively interpret the essence of Sichuan cuisine. Among them, “Shu Yan” Pepper Chicken, “Shu Yan” Marinated Pig’s Trotter, “Shu Yan” Chicken Pudding and other dishes were successively evaluated as Chengdu consumer favorite dishes.


Our Projects

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