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Have questions about foreign worker dormitory managed by Vobis?

Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Where are your dormitories?
    We have 3 dormitories in 2 locations providing accomodation for up to 21,000 workers. Two of our dormitories, Cochrane Lodge 1 and Cochrane Lodge 2 are located side by side each other at Admiralty Road West (opposite Sembawang Shipyard). Our other dormitory, Kranji Lodge 1 located at Kranji Road, near to Kranji MRT station. View our dormitory locations here.
  • Is cooking allowed?
    Yes, residents can cook at our centralised kitchen. To encourage fire safety and to cultivate good hygiene and cleanliness habits within the dormitory, cooking and eating in the dormitory room is strictly prohibited.
  • Is laundry service available?
    Yes, residents simply drop off their clothes at our laundry room, our laundry staff will wash, dry, fold and have them ready the following working day.
  • Is there toilet inside their room?
    No, but toilet and shower facilities are in common area at every level. Since toilet and shower facilities are in the common area, it will be maintained by our maintenace team, bringing greater convenience to your workers.
  • What other facilities are there?
    All our dormitories are equipped with free wifi at common area, gym, games room, tv room, outdoor sports area, outdoor recreational area and equipped with minimart, canteen, barber shop and beer garden. Click here to find out more about our facilities.
  • How many people in each room?
    Our standard room can accomodate not more than 12 residents.
  • How big is the standard room?
    Each standard room is 48sqm for 12 residents.
  • Can I add more than more than 13 workers into the room? P.S.: I don't mind paying more.
    Strictly no. Overcrowding of workers in the dormitory rooms is illegal. For the welfare and hygiene of the residents, we are very strict in enforcing our requirement of having not more than 12 residents in each dormitory rooms. Even if you are willing to pay more so all your workers can stay together, and your workers do not mind, we will not allow it. If you have more than 12 workers, we can and will arrange for the additional workers to stay in another room to share with other workers to make up a room of 12.
  • What is provided in the room and what does workers need to bring?
    Bedframe, lockers, ceiling fan, metal storage shelf, power plug are provided within the room. Your worker will need to bring their personal items like mattress, pillow, bolster, blanket as well as their cooking utensils (pots and pan) if they wish to cook in our centralised kitchen.
  • What documents do I need to prepare to check in my workers?
    Photocopies of your workers' work permit and passport will be needed. Where the worker do not yet have a work permit, in-principle approval (IPA) issued by MOM is acceptable as well. Upon confirmation of the room, we will also forward you the forms to fill for the registration of the workers.
  • Do you have dormitory in the East? Like Kaki Bukit?
    No, we do not have any dormitory at Kaki Bukit and East area at the moment. Check out our locations here! Our Kaki Bukit Recreation Center (KBRC) is a recreation center which is similar to a shopping center for foreign workers, meant for foreign workers to spend their leisure time there. It is not a dormitory and we do not have dormitory rooms there at the moment.
  • Is Vobis dormitories approved?
    Yes, Vobis dormitory is an acceptable accomodation and we are licensed under Foreign Employee Dormitories Act(FEDA).
  • Can I register workers' address to MOM?
    Yes. That is if your worker are a legitimate resident at Vobis dormitory. It is an offence to do false declarations of foreign workers' addresses. All licensed dormitories are required under FEDA to tally our residents' list with those registered with MOM under OFWAS and MOM will be notified should there be any discrepancies. All employees are expected to update the residence of your workers accurately to MOM via OFWAS once your workers have moved in or out from our dormitory. Please note that penalty may be handed out by MOM for employers who fail to update the workers’ dormitory address.
  • Is Vobis dormitories licensed?
    Yes, all 3 of Vobis dormitories are licensed under FEDA and listed in Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as licensed.
  • What is FEDA?
    FEDA stands for Foreign Employee Dormitories Act and is established in 2015. The Act was created to ensure that dormitories have a certain accommodation standards to be observed with respect to the accommodation of residents of foreign employee dormitories and for the appropriate mechanisms for the enforcement of those standards; and promoting the sustainability of, and continuous improvements in, the provision of services at foreign employee dormitories.
  • Who is affected by FEDA
    All dormitories with a capacity of above 1,000 have to obtain a license under the Act. You may be pleased to know that all 3 of Vobis dormitories are licensed under FEDA.
  • How does FEDA affects me?
    Vobis works closely with our client and residents to ensure that requirement pertaining to cleanliness, registration and documentation of workers are in place. Vobis maintain the high level of cleanliness and expectation setforth in FEDA, so we would also need the cooperation of our client and residents to ensure the same. We hope to have your kind understanding and patience in working with us to fulfil the regulations.
  • How does FEDA affect workers?
    Workers, our residents, can expect a certain level of standard in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and provisions when staying in a licensed dormitory like Vobis dormitory. They would however be also required to work closely with us especially on the room to make the dormitory a clean and hygienic place for all residents.
  • Where can I find more information on FEDA?
    More information on the Act can be found at here!
  • How much does each costs for each worker?
    Simply fill in this form to get a non-obligatory quote on our rates! Please note this is just a preliminary quote and subject to contract. Receiving the quotation does not mean you have secured a room with us as room are available on a first-come-first serve basis. Your reservation is confirmed only when we received a secuity deposit.
  • What is included in the cost?
    Our rates include the service and maintenance charges, utilities charges, conservancy charges, laundry charges. GST where required is also specified accordingly in our quotation. Cooking is allowed at our centralised cooking area and included in the costs. PUB charges are also included under utilities charges. Laundry services is provided and included in the costs.
  • Do you charge by per head?
    Yes, but we have very limited number of room whereby we rent out on a per-head basis. For such rental, your worker will share the room with 11 other residents to form a room of 12 per room. Such rooms comprises of workers from various companies and residents may be of different nationalities.
  • How many months' deposit is required?
    The standard two (2) months' deposit is required for all contracts.
  • Can I don't sign contract or don't put down deposit? I pay promptly every month.
    No. Vobis is an ISO certified company and we have standard operating procedure to comply with to consistently provide you with quality service. We regret to inform that signing a formal contract is required and two(2) months' security deposit is required.
  • How long are the contract?
    Our agreement with client is a fixed one (1) year contract. However, many of our residents are long term clients who have stayed in Vobis dormitory for more than 10 years.
  • How much to pay upfront before move in?
    Two months' deposit, one month advanced rental and mandatory one-time registration fee is payable upfront.
  • Any hidden costs?
    Our charges are very transparent and applicable charges are all specified clearly within the quotation (Letter of Offer) that are provided to you when you request for quotation. Should you have any questions about our costs after receiving our quotation, you may also call us at 6890 6333.


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