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Explore Dormitory Facilities

Our dormitory rooms are spacious, measuring up to 48 sqm and can comfortably house up to 12 people each. Regular maintenance by our professional staff also ensures a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our dormitory is well-equipped with cooking facilities, ample toilet and shower facilities are provided on each floor to amply meet the needs of all residents.

Our dormitory rooms are spacious, measuring up to 48 sqm and can comfortably house up to 12 people each. Each room is equipped with bedframes, lockers, ceiling fans, power plug and metal storage rack. 

Ample cooking stoves are available in common area for use by all residents so they do not need to spend time waiting for their roommate to finish using the stove before they can use the stove. That is the perks of having a centralised cooking area. At Vobis dormitory, this centralised kitchen dormitory meant more leisure time for cooking and eating for our residents, less waiting

Healthy living for everyone. Our indoors gymnasium is well equipped with various exercise machines, free for use for our residents. Whether it is for cardio, muscle building, simple weight lifting, we have these for them to work out to keep fit and healthy. 

For those who love working out under the sunny skies, we do have plenty of outdoor exercise area for our residents to bask in the sun and keep fit. Exercising outdoor also means they can enjoy the scenic surroundings of the lush landscape within our dormitory compound.

Whether residents fancy a game of fustal or wish to have a badminton match with their friends, Vobis dormitory have the facilities for them. Within our dormitory, we have various outdoor sports area like badminton court, basketball courts and street soccer sports for our residents. 

Should the resident prefer a quieter time to calm their mind after a hard day of work in the busy city, we do have ample recreational space is available within our dormitory. Residents often gather at our recreational space with their coworkers, fellow hometown mates and for some private time to chat with their family back at home. 

Residents can also enjoy their favourite TV programme at our air-conditioned TV rooms - at no extra costs!

Dining areas are equipped with TV sets, so they can dine and watch tv, residents are allowed to bring in their own TV set with no extra costs.

Laundry services are provided within the dormitory and costs are included so residents do not need to pay any extra costs to enjoy this service. Residents simply drop off their laundry at our laundry room and collect them the next working day, all nicely washed, dried and folded by our laundry colleagues. 

We do have various commercial shops within the dormitory. Shops such as mini-marts, barbershop, canteen, beer garden are catered to residents' daily essentials so they can whip up a nice meal and have a leisure time with their friends, all within the convenience of our dormitory premises.

Last but not least, a distinct feature of a Vobis dormitory is the lush and extensive landscape within our dormitory premise. Our dormitory is styled like a resort so that our resident can enjoy the garden living lifestyle.