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Why Vobis

While there are many foreign worker dormitories in Singapore, so why Vobis? Through the years, we have garnered a significant number of long term business clients. What is it that keeps our client with us all these years and their workers so happy staying at Vobis dormitory? 

Read on to find out more!

Resort-styled dormitory

Vobis is dedicated to creating a resort-styled dormitory so that our residents can enjoy a garden-living lifestyle with Vobis

Licensed and Accredited

Vobis dormitory is all licensed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Vobis is also the only dormitory in Singapore to be ISO certified in dormitory management.

To ensure that our quality is maintained, we also conduct internal competition to encourage our dormitory to constantly strive for excellence.

Healthy Lifestyle Sports Amenities

We encourage our residents to have a healthy lifestyle as well. At Vobis dormitory, we have a wide variety of social indoor facilities such as gymnasiums, outdoor recreational, basketball courts, badminton court, street soccer courts for our residents.

Kitchen with cooking facilties

Kitchen is one of the hot favourite places for our residents. Whipping up their hometown favourite food, eating the delicious food while chatting with their friends. 

Safe and Secured environment

Safety and security of our resident is never taken for granted. Vobis dormitory has a team of security 24-7 on standby to handle all matters on the ground. A robust system of security system is in place to assist in the security management of our dormitory. 


Accreditation &Testimonials

How do I know Vobis dormitory are really licensed and what credentials does Vobis have?

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