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The Management of Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd is aware of false information circulating via WhatsApp chat groups and social media platforms that a resident of Kranji Lodge 1, a foreign worker dormitory under the management of Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd, have died on 10 February 2020. The message further added that Police, SCDF and our dormitory management refuse to divulge information as the resident who died may be infected with the novel coronavirus (n.k.a Covid-19).


Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd would like to clarify that this information is false.

The incident happened on 9 February 2020. The said resident was feeling tipsy and had fallen asleep on the floor. He was attended to promptly by our Security Officer who helped him to rest on the nearby bench. Contrary to the claims, he is noted to be well after resting. Therefore, Police and SCDF were not alerted to the incident.  

The Management of Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd has further lodged a police report on this matter on 11th February 2020.

We urge the public, residents of Kranji Lodge 1 and employers of workers not to spread such malicious rumours, causing public panic.

The public should always check official information sources such as MOH on latest updates of Covid-19 at or sign up with WhatsApp for latest update via


For more information on this matter, please email us at


Circulation of Fake News regarding Covid-19 case at Kranji Lodge 1

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